Why Care? Because replacing Americans in the workplace affects everyone

H-1B workers do not affect me, why should I care?

Consider the following:
A country that relies upon a program rampant with fraud and deception to exploit foreign sources of cheap labor for a critical infrastructure puts itself at great risk.

Replacing our country’s home-grown talent with cheap foreign labor creates greater dependence upon foreign sources by eliminating the incentives for citizens of its own country to become productive members in building and maintaining that critical infrastructure.

Our country is 100 percent dependent upon our technology infrastructure.  From the simplest of conveniences in life to life-saving mission critical systems, each and every person is affected if the technology fails to deliver its promise.

Personal and private information about us is housed in this technology in such detail that it extends beyond the imagination.  Allowing workers who are not citizens of this country to have complete unsupervised access to this information is a risk not worth taking.

There never was a shortage of home-grown talent to support this critical infrastructure, but there will be if the H-1B program continues.  Manufactured claims of a worker shortage ultimately becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when the future opportunities for prospective talent within our own borders are destroyed.

Employers will always exploit a situation that gives them cheap labor.  The biggest myth about H-1B is that employers must pay prevailing wage to H-1B workers.  It is not by coincidence that over 50% of the H-1Bs are from one of the poorest countries on Earth.  If employers could not get away with paying aliens 30-50 percent less than Americans, they would not bother to hire them.  The H-1B program is only in existence for monetary reasons.  H-1Bs are not any more qualified, and not any smarter.

H-1Bs don’t provide any skills or technologies that high-tech American citizens don’t already have.  There is absolutely no evidence that there is a shortage of qualified American citizens for these jobs.  The only reason employers replace Americans with aliens is for cheap labor. 

America has more than enough qualified candidates for these jobs.  In fact, many qualified American workers are already on the job in highly productive capacities when they are replaced by an alien.  The American citizen is then forced to provide on-the-job training for the person that is replacing them.  The existence of H-1B is purely for monetary reasons.  It is not an issue of skills, abilities, or availability.

Is it the role of a government representing the people to create artificial competition against its own people?  It is perfectly fine for American citizens to compete against other American citizens for jobs.  But when our own government creates artificial competition by importing a glut of alien workers, it is just plain anti-American, and in the end, it hurts each and every one of us now, and every generation of Americans that follow.

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