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We recently started to compile a list of companies that consumers can refer to in order to boycott the goods and services of companies that participate in American worker replacement programs. [Company Hall of Shame List]

Even if you don’t live in Florida district 7, you can help fight American worker replacement programs by supporting Michael Emmons, who’s campaign is 100% based on fighting these programs.  Click the banner below to visit his site.

[News ReleaseNEWS RELEASE for immediate release * June 11, 2003   HIRE AMERICAN CITIZENS! – Coalition Demands Congress Abolish H-1B, L-1 Visas

SAMPLE LETTERS!  A new page was added containing sample letters that readers of this site can use as a guide to create their own letters.  This page will continue to grow, and it is requested that you send your samples or templates that we can add to this starter list.


The INS estimates that roughly 3.2 million of the estimated eight million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. (or 40 percent), originally entered the country on non-immigrant visas (such as H-1B, L-1, etc.).  These 3.2 million non-immigrants have become illegal immigrants by overstaying their visas.  Because of its failure to implement an entry-exit system as required by a 1996 law, the INS has no way to identify or locate them.  As more H-1Bs and other non-immigrant visa holders lose their jobs in the recession, and remain in the country until they find work, this number will no doubt be significantly higher.

In addition to making a major contribution to illegal immigration, the Non-Immigrant Visa (NIV) program as it now functions has a noticeable impact on the U.S. labor market that is largely unfettered.  In 2001, more than 715,000 foreigners were issued NIVs to fill U.S. jobs, and another 110,000 visitors received permission to work here after arriving.

There is no limit on the total number of non-immigrants who can enter the U.S. each year, although some categories are capped.  The H-1B visa category for skilled workers, many of whom work in the computer and technology field, is nominally limited by statute.  The law caps the number of certain new approvals at 195,000 in 2001, 2002, and 2003.  Unless changed by new legislation, it will revert to 65,000 in 2004.  However, only between on fourth and one half of the people approved as H-1B workers are actually subject to the cap.  Congress excluded those working for educational or non-profit organizations and those extending their stay or changing jobs from being counted against the cap.


States, Federal Government Hire Foreign Workers
State and federal government agencies from coast to coast are hiring foreign workers for good-paying jobs at the expense of American citizens. Despite the availability of tens of thousands of highly-trained recent college graduates and high national unemployment rate pegged by the Labor Department at 8.9 percent for white-collar workers, American governments are using the federal H-1B foreigner-employment program to import foreign workers, shutting out unemployed Americans. By Wayne Lutton, Middle American News, April, 2003

Congresswoman Trains Sights On Insurers’ Hiring
U.S. Rep. Nancy Johnson, hearing that local companies are allegedly abusing a visa program, is asking the chief executives of five Connecticut insurance companies to reveal how many Indian citizens they employ in information technology. By Diane Levick, Courant Staff Writer, May 07, 2003

Foreign Nationals From India Must Now Leave U.S.
The state of New Mexico has been illegally paying for foreign nationals to get green cards. And now, 15 skilled computer programmers will lose their jobs and likely be deported. KOAT Target 7 investigative reporter Larry Barker said it started a couple of years ago — the Taxation and Revenue Department needed computer programmers. So, they hired more than a dozen highly qualified foreign nationals from India, promising to pay their immigration fees. The problem? It’s against the law.
 By Larry Barker, KOAT Target 7 investigative reporter, May 07, 2003

Congress faces decision on visas for foreign workers
Congressional Republicans will soon have a chance to prove whether they do the bidding of corporate contributors or side with hardworking voters.
 By Phylis Schlafly, TownHall.com, May 06, 2003

Offshore coding work raises security concerns
IT professionals are raising serious questions about the U.S. software industry’s reliance on overseas software developers, arguing that the practice puts companies and the U.S. economy at risk. A recent study by Gartner Inc. predicts that by 2004, more than 80% of U.S. companies will consider outsourcing critical IT services, including software development, to countries such as India, Pakistan, Russia and China. 
By Dan Verton, Computerworld, May 05, 2003

Visa Numbers Could Lose Global Appeal
This article is either a prime example of sloppy journalism, or it is a deliberate attempt to promote the H-1B visa. Gregoire’s apparent ignorance of the issues, and lack of objective reporting is appalling. Articles of this kind should never make it past the editors desk, but apparently the standards at the Tampa Tribune are very low
 (Rob Sanchez).  Story By NATASHIA GREGOIRE, The Tampa Tribune, May 03, 2003

A Visa Loophole as Big as a Mainframe
More companies are using L-1 visas to bring in low-wage foreign IT workers–and replace Americans.  By Brian Grow in Orlando, Fla., with Manjeet Kripalani in Bombay, BusinessWeek, March 10, 2003 – slightly different than the March 6 version

Outsourcing bill may drop India name
An amazing story where citizens of India successfully influenced the New Jersey state government, and prevented the passage of a bill that would have protected American citizens in the workplace.  It should be against the law for aliens to lobby and influence our government officials, but it is even more shameful that our government officials actually listened to these aliens, and allowed these aliens to influence OUR laws.  Our government exists to represent the interest of American citizens.  The rest of the world is NOT entitled to control our resources, jobs, and most especially our government.  If you are not outraged by this, then you are not paying attention!
 By K YATISH RAJAWAT, Times News Network, March 8, 2003

Data Reveals Severity of Tech’s Pain
Michael Rolle, a veteran of Oracle Corp. and Cisco Systems Inc. who trained at MIT and Stanford, started a new job this week: umpiring junior varsity high school softball for $20 a game
.  By Joseph Menn, LA Times, March 7, 2003

A Mainframe-Size Visa Loophole
More companies are using L-1 visas to bring in low-wage foreign IT workers–and replace Americans.  By Brian Grow in Orlando, Fla., with Manjeet Kripalani in Bombay, BusinessWeek, March 6, 2003 – slightly different than the March 10 version

India’s greatest Institutes of technical education are in decline
What can we do to help reform them?
  This amazing story combined with the amazing rebuttal by Norm Matloff (triggered by the pathetic 60 Minutes IIT story), demonstrates the outright  lying and manipulation of public opinion and the Congress of the United States.  Murthy’s incredible claims about the Indian education system on 60 Minutes were clearly intended for Congress and the American public.  See the real story as he tells it to Indians on SiliconIndia.com.  Rebuttal by Norm Matloff, Story by Narayana N R Murthy, SiliconIndia.com, Feb 25, 2003

The New Face of Global Competition
It’s no surprise that Wipro chairman and managing director Azim H. Premji drives a Lincoln Town Car and is wealthy to the tune of $6 billion. His Bangalore programmers are paid $2 an hour to churn out code for American companies that are standing in line for his cheap services
 (Rob Sanchez).  Story By Keith H. Hammonds, fastcompany.com, Feb, 2003

Former IEEE-USA president joins H-1B visa protest
A group of unemployed high-tech workers demonstrated against the U.S. government’s H-1B visa program on Wednesday (Feb. 12) outside a Dallas hotel where the IEEE-USA’s board was holding its quarterly meeting. A past president of IEEE-USA, an engineering association, was among the six demonstrators at the protest. By Margaret Quan EE Times, Feb 13, 2003

IEEE-USA asks for rollback of H-1B visa quotas
“Despite a grim job outlook for the U.S. high-tech work force, industry has petitioned, and government has granted 799,700 new or renewal H-1B visas in the past two years,” IEEE-USA said. “This includes 163,600 new visas in 2001 and 342,000 in exempt categories. And when FY ’02 ended, another 18,000 new H-1B applications were pending.” By Margaret Quan EE Times, Feb 9, 2003

The New Global Job Shift
The next round of globalization is sending upscale jobs offshore. The sense of resignation inside Bank of America (BAC ) is clear from the e-mail dispatch. “The handwriting is on the wall,” writes a veteran information-technology specialist who says he has been warned not to talk to the press. [...] last fall, his entire 15-engineer team was told their jobs “wouldn’t last through September.” In the past year, BofA has slashed 3,700 of its 25,000 tech and back-office jobs. An additional 1,000 will go by March.  By Pete Engardio, Aaron Bernstein, and Manjeet Kripalani With Frederik Balfour in Manila, Brian Grow in Atlanta, and Jay Greene in Seattle BusinessWeek, Feb 03, 2003

Perilous Currents in the Offshore Shift 
“We anticipate that you’ll see a disproportionate number of layoffs this year and next in info tech. The impact will be very severe,” says Diane Morella, a Gartner research director focusing on workforce issues. “And there’s very little discussion about what this means for the U.S. and Western Europe four or five years from now.”  By Pete Engardio, BusinessWeek, Feb 03, 2003

Big Outsourcing Shift Predicted for IT Jobs
A new report on the IT labor market predicts that 35% to 45% of full-time IT jobs in the U.S. and Canada will be shifted to contractors, consultants, offshore technicians or part-time workers by 2005. And some analysts and IT labor experts said those figures, although eye-popping, may not be far-fetched.
 By Thomas Hoffman, Computerworld, Jan 27, 2003

U.S. departing the First World?
America has turned its back on Americans. Even illegal aliens count higher with the American government than native-born, taxpaying, loyal U.S. citizens, who are regarded by their government as nothing but resources to be exploited.
 By Paul Craig Roberts, The Washington Times, Jan 23, 2003

L1s Slip Past H-1B Curbs
The latest figures released by the Immigration and Naturalization Service show that the number of L1 visas granted climbed from 112,124 in 1995 to 294,658 in 2000. But they still haven’t caught up to the H-1B numbers: In 1995, 117,574 H-1B visas were granted, compared with 355,605 in 2000.  To IT workers such as Emmons who say they feel they’re facing unfair competition from imported workers, statistics mean little. What matters is that they’ve lost their jobs, they’ve had to train their replacements and many of those replacements are here on L1 visas. By Lisa Vaas, eWeek, Jan 06, 2003


American Labor First is a rapidly growing coalition of American citizens who are united in recognizing that a threat nearly as serious as terrorism has invaded our democracy.  This threat has cost hundreds of thousands their jobs, their homes, their education, their security, and their children’s future.

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