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Where in the world is Colin Powell?

March 17, 2004 — Outsourcing: The Wedge Issue Even if we haven’t heard it come from Dubya’s mouth yet, Colin Powell made it clear in India yesterday: the Republicans support outsourcing; the democrats don’t. During a conversation with Indian students, Powell called the outsourcing of jobs a long-term “plus” for the economy. Kerry’s camp responded [...]

American Jobs: Study notes offshoring downside

Source: – March 4, 2004: 5:00 PM EST Study notes offshoring downside  As firms move jobs overseas to cut labor costs, they could be incurring new costs, firm says. NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – U.S. companies that move jobs overseas to cut costs may not be saving as much money as their executives think. In a [...]

American Jobs: Outsourcing, What to Do?

Source: – March 1, 2004: 5:42 PM EST Outsourcing: what to do? As more U.S. companies move jobs overseas, debate rages on answers to a divisive issue. By Mark Gongloff, CNN/Money staff writer NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – If you haven’t turned on a TV or read a magazine or a newspaper recently, you probably haven’t [...]

The New Global Job Shift

The New Global Job Shift The next round of globalization is sending upscale jobs offshore. They include basic research, chip design, engineering–even financial analysis. Can America lose these jobs and still prosper? Who wins? Who loses? The sense of resignation inside Bank of America (BAC ) is clear from the e-mail dispatch. “The handwriting is [...]

Perilous Currents in the Offshore Shift

FEBRUARY 3, 2003 Perilous Currents in the Offshore Shift Companies now desperate to cut costs by sending skilled, high-paying jobs overseas often don’t understand what they’re really doing Until recently, says the outsourcing specialist, only a handful of globalization trailblazers like General Electric (GE ) and Citibank (C ) employed more than a few hundred [...]

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