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Get the Facts on H-1B. H-1B is one of many temporary nonimmigrant worker visa bills that allows companies in the United States to hire foreign workers.

Our educational DVD provides information about the H-1B and L-1 visa programs and how they have negatively affected the American workforce. The first part of the DVD is a movie we created that tells about the H-1B visa fiasco.  It is very powerful and effective in getting the message across. This is then followed by [...]

A Mainframe-Size Visa Loophole

Rebuttal from Norm Matloff Here are two articles from BusinessWeek which are reasonably good, except that once again they state falsely that employers must give Americans job priority over H-1Bs. Except for the tiny category of so-called “H-1B-dependent employers,” there is no such requirement for H-1B. However, Tata may well be such an employer, which [...]

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