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American Jobs: Outsourcing, What to Do?

Source: money.cnn.comĀ – March 1, 2004: 5:42 PM EST Outsourcing: what to do? As more U.S. companies move jobs overseas, debate rages on answers to a divisive issue. By Mark Gongloff, CNN/Money staff writer NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – If you haven’t turned on a TV or read a magazine or a newspaper recently, you probably haven’t [...]

U.S. jobs jumping ship

U.S. jobs jumping ship Cheap overseas labor is not just for manufacturers any more — is your job headed offshore too? By Mark Gongloff, CNN/Money Staff Writer NEW YORK (CNN/Money) – As painful as the labor market has been lately, what’s even more painful is that many of the 2.5 million jobs lost in the [...]

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