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Get the Facts on H-1B. H-1B is one of many temporary nonimmigrant worker visa bills that allows companies in the United States to hire foreign workers.

Our educational DVD provides information about the H-1B and L-1 visa programs and how they have negatively affected the American workforce. The first part of the DVD is a movie we created that tells about the H-1B visa fiasco.  It is very powerful and effective in getting the message across. This is then followed by [...]

Why Care? Because replacing Americans in the workplace affects everyone

Myth: H-1B workers do not affect me, why should I care? Consider the following: A country that relies upon a program rampant with fraud and deception to exploit foreign sources of cheap labor for a critical infrastructure puts itself at great risk. Replacing our country’s home-grown talent with cheap foreign labor creates greater dependence upon [...]

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