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American Jobs: State Legislation Efforts

Will you sign the petition that keeps jobs in America? The State of Colorado is using YOUR TAX DOLLARS to hire cheaper foreign workers instead of American citizens!  Did you know the State of Colorado is making changes to the computer programming on the state’s unemployment computer systems, and is employing FOREIGN WORKERS to do this [...]

There is NO protection for American workers

Myth: Companies must layoff H-1B temporary workers before American citizens. Companies cannot hire an H-1B if they just laid off American workers that performed the same job. Truth: There is nothing concrete in the H-1B laws concerning the pecking order in a layoff situation.  There is nothing to stop a company from hiring enough H-1Bs [...]

Companies that want to replace American workers

The companies that signed this letter don’t want to hire American citizens.  They want to replace their American workers with cheaper foreign workers.  The organizations that signed this letter are devoted to helping these companies replace you! Found at Individually addressed to the full House June 6, 2000   Dear Representative: On behalf of [...]

Wages: H-1B workers are paid less than American Workers

Myth: H-1B workers are paid the same prevailing wage as American workers are. Truth: Congress hangs its hat on this myth as well.  Although the law was written with this stipulation, the loopholes are rampant, and the law is not enforced.  This is the underlying reason that companies love to hire H-1B programmers.  Cheaper labor  [...]

Why Care? Because replacing Americans in the workplace affects everyone

Myth: H-1B workers do not affect me, why should I care? Consider the following: A country that relies upon a program rampant with fraud and deception to exploit foreign sources of cheap labor for a critical infrastructure puts itself at great risk. Replacing our country’s home-grown talent with cheap foreign labor creates greater dependence upon [...]

Wages: How To Underpay H-1B Workers

Introduction One of the canards H-1B supporters use is the claim that H-1B is not used to depress wages because the law requires employers to pay the prevailing wage. Yet, whenever the government releases salary figures for H-1B programmers they are significantly less then what Americans make. The following is a real example of how [...]

Despite massive layoffs of Americans, H-1B visas jump in 2001

By Rachel Konrad Staff Writer, CNET January 22, 2002, 1:40 PM PT Demand for skilled foreign workers reached an all-time high in fiscal 2001–despite a recession and massive layoffs of American workers. The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) received 342,035 applications for H-1B visas between Oct. 1, 2000, and Sept. 30, 2001–a 14.4 percent [...]

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