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The State of Colorado is using YOUR TAX DOLLARS to hire cheaper foreign workers instead of American citizens!  Did you know the State of Colorado is making changes to the computer programming on the state’s unemployment computer systems, and is employing FOREIGN WORKERS to do this work?  Taxpayer money should NOT be used to hire foreign workers when 15 million American citizens can’t find a fulltime job!  Taxpayer money should NOT be used to displace American citizens and hire foreign workers when American citizens NEED THESE JOBS!  There are over 1 million American Information Technology workers on the street looking for work, yet the State of Colorado is not hiring them to do these jobs.  The State of Colorado is allowing companies that perform these services to hire foreign workers!  This problem is not just about IT workers.  The State has many contracts for many services that are going to foreign workers.  What state jobs are going offshore?  Lab work, Food Stamp call centers and processing, Welfare call centers and processing, Accounting, Legal work, Documentation, etc. NO State Service Job Is Safe!  This issue affects 7% of Colorado’s workforce!

UPDATE: 08-02-04 Press Release of November 2004 Colorado efforts:

Unfortunately, we didn’t get enough petitions back to make it on this year’s ballot. We called Rose on Monday at the elections division and told her we needed to reschedule our appointment with her for the next election cycle.

There are 25 signatures on each petition form.  We had over 3,500 petitions in circulation.  We received 1800 petitions back from volunteers at last count… which is 45,000 signatures.  We expect to get more petitions returned to us over the next few days, but they won’t be in time.  This is far more than we were told we would get with an all-volunteer signature crew.  We had a big surge of volunteers in the last 3 weeks, but it just wasn’t enough to overcome the short 11 weeks we had to gather the 68,000 signatures we needed.

It is VERY important to note…  There was no shortage of people wanting to sign our petition, and no shortage of people supporting our cause.  Our shortage was first and foremost a shortage in time, and a slower than expected ramp-up in getting enough volunteers to gather the signatures in that short 11 weeks.  95% of the people we asked to sign the petition did so eagerly.

This ballot initiative will be back for the next election cycle.  This effort has resulted in a considerable increase in support for our organization and our cause.  We are much bigger and stronger as an organization now than when we started this project.  We are going to mobilize and organize our volunteers and members to work on many new projects designed to fight American worker replacement programs.

Our focus will now be to unseat the four Colorado state senators who voted against the American worker this year, and to ensure that candidates at all levels of our government who are on the side of the American worker get elected over those who are against the American worker.

We need to replace the elected officials who have abandoned America and lost their economic patriotism.  We need to get this ballot initiative back into the legislative process and let legislators have another try at representing those who have elected them.

I wish the story for this ballot initiative was a different one, as we worked very hard night and day to get this on the ballot.  The Colorado voters wanted this on the ballot, and they wanted to see it pass.  However, there is much we can still do to fight American worker replacement programs while we plan for the next election cycle for this particular ballot initiative. is a national 100% volunteer grassroots organization fighting American worker replacement programs in all forms.  We have over 6,500 members representing all 50 United States.


The Colorado Ballot Proposal is as follows:

Ballot Proposal #139 - Protection of American Workers
FINAL Language submitted to Secretary of State:

Be it Enacted by the People of the State of Colorado:

Article XVIII of the constitution of the state of Colorado is amended BY THE ADDITION OF A NEW SECTION to read:

Section 15. Protection of American Workers

(1) The people of the state of Colorado hereby find and declare that state funds should be used to employ people permanently residing in the United States and to prevent the loss of jobs to foreign countries and temporary foreign workers with non-immigrant visas.

(2) Every state contract for the performance of services shall contain provisions that specify that only citizens of the United States and permanent legal resident aliens in the United States shall be employed in performance of services under the contract or any subcontract awarded under the contract.

Ballot Proposal #139 – Protection of American Workers is a very simple amendment to the Colorado constitution that forces the companies who perform state contracts to only use American citizens and Greencard holders for the work they perform related to those state contracts. The term Permanent Legal Residents is the legal reference to greencard holders. This prevents the use of temporary guest workers and foreigners from working on state contracts for services. For example, the state could not outsource its food stamp call center to a company that would move that call center to India, and could not use temporary non-immigrant guest workers on H-1B or L-1 to perform this work. It is important to not only stop the offshoring of these jobs, but to also stop the use of temporary foreign guest workers on H-1B and L-1 visas. Like most states, Colorado is a “lowest bid always wins the contract” state. The only way to prevent the loss of American jobs under this policy is to stipulate that the contracts must be performed by American citizens or Greencard holders. Using taxpayer dollars to hire foreign workers whether offshore or here in the U.S. is inexcusable when we have 15 million American workers who cannot find a fulltime job. It is scandalous to use the people’s money to replace the people’s citizens in the process of doing the people’s business.

This amendment is VERY important for many reasons. First, it prevents taxpayer dollars from being used against American workers. It keeps taxpayer dollars here in the US where further downstream revenue can be generated, and further tax revenues can be collected. When taxpayer dollars are sent offshore, they are gone forever. They don’t get churned in the local economy and don’t get used to support the local economy. States are fighting tax deficits, and American workers are fighting to not lose their jobs to cheaper foreign workers. This is a win-win situation between the state and the citizens the state is required to represent and serve. It helps stop the bleeding of the tax coffers, puts American citizens back to work, and helps the economy.

Second, this amendment puts the decision in the hands of the voters, which is exactly where it belongs. Our organization has been fighting tooth and nail at the federal and state levels to get the attention of our elected officials. We have their attention, and we can almost always get legislation introduced… but the American worker has yet to win the battle against corporate lobbyists that line the pockets of the elected officials (with the money and blood of the American workers). It is time that this issue be decided by the people… The American worker.

Third, states must be able to provide for themselves. The reliance upon foreign labor puts a state and a country at risk of not being able to provide for itself. The loss of security and privacy associated with using foreign workers for state services is just plain dangerous, and shows complete a lack of responsibility for an entity that has the huge responsibility for ensuring the safe and secure handling of the people’s business.

Fourth, this amendment will keep the issue in the press and in the public. This is the election year that American workers must stand up and make a difference. The public must be educated about this issue on a constant basis, and cast their votes in November accordingly. Having a statewide ballot initiative will give the American worker a chance to fight with their vote directly. If passed, it will send a very strong and clear message to other states, and to the federal level. The American worker wants to stop American worker replacement programs, and the taxpayer wants taxpayer dollars to be used at home to employ those who need these American jobs the most – The American Worker.

Other State Legislation Efforts:

We are currently working diligently to introduce state-level legislation that would protect American workers by banning states from directly or indirectly hiring temporary foreign guest workers for state services and projects. This is a multi-state effort, and we are organizing teams around the country to pull this off. This is taking much of our time to organize. We have four states working on this at the same time (Colorado, Ohio, Georgia, Florida), and are ramping up a few more (including California). WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HIT THE STREETS WITH US! If you can help us gather signatures for our ballot initiatives, please contact us.

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