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Study notes offshoring downside
U.S. companies that move jobs overseas to cut costs may not be saving as much money as their executives think. — March 4, 2004

Outsourcing: what to do?
If you haven’t turned on a TV or read a magazine or a newspaper recently, you probably haven’t heard that your job is moving overseas.  As more U.S. companies move jobs overseas, debate rages on answers to a divisive issue. By Mark Gongloff, — March 1, 2004

Do Borders Matter To President Bush?
It is no secret that tens of thousands of jobs in the software sector are being shipped to India, nor are many unaware that millions of manufacturing jobs, once filled by America’s blue-collar middle class, have been moved to Communist China where desperate people are willing to work for substandard wages. What may not be understood is that 2.5 million Americans have lost their jobs since 2001, and nearly 400,000 ran out of their federal unemployment benefits in January of this year alone. Indeed the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average salary for U.S. workers has fallen from $44,570 to $35,410 since 2001, with nearly 5 million Americans working at part-time employment to make ends meet.

U.S. jobs jumping ship
As painful as the labor market has been lately, what’s even more painful is that many of the 2.5 million jobs lost in the past few years are never coming back. Cheap overseas labor is not just for manufacturers any more — is your job headed offshore too? — January 19, 2004

Congresswoman Trains Sights On Insurers’ Hiring
U.S. Rep. Nancy Johnson, hearing that local companies are allegedly abusing a visa program, is asking the chief executives of five Connecticut insurance companies to reveal how many Indian citizens they employ in information technology. By Diane Levick, Courant Staff Writer, May 07, 2003

Foreign Nationals From India Must Now Leave U.S.
The state of New Mexico has been illegally paying for foreign nationals to get green cards. And now, 15 skilled computer programmers will lose their jobs and likely be deported. KOAT Target 7 investigative reporter Larry Barker said it started a couple of years ago — the Taxation and Revenue Department needed computer programmers. So, they hired more than a dozen highly qualified foreign nationals from India, promising to pay their immigration fees. The problem? It’s against the law.
 By Larry Barker, KOAT Target 7 investigative reporter, May 07, 2003

Congress faces decision on visas for foreign workers
Congressional Republicans will soon have a chance to prove whether they do the bidding of corporate contributors or side with hardworking voters.
 By Phylis Schlafly,, May 06, 2003

Offshore coding work raises security concerns
IT professionals are raising serious questions about the U.S. software industry’s reliance on overseas software developers, arguing that the practice puts companies and the U.S. economy at risk. A recent study by Gartner Inc. predicts that by 2004, more than 80% of U.S. companies will consider outsourcing critical IT services, including software development, to countries such as India, Pakistan, Russia and China. 
By Dan Verton, Computerworld, May 05, 2003

Visa Numbers Could Lose Global Appeal
This article is either a prime example of sloppy journalism, or it is a deliberate attempt to promote the H-1B visa. Gregoire’s apparent ignorance of the issues, and lack of objective reporting is appalling. Articles of this kind should never make it past the editors desk, but apparently the standards at the Tampa Tribune are very low
 (Rob Sanchez).  Story By NATASHIA GREGOIRE, The Tampa Tribune, May 03, 2003

States, Federal Government Hire Foreign Workers
State and federal government agencies from coast to coast are hiring foreign workers for good-paying jobs at the expense of American citizens. Despite the availability of tens of thousands of highly-trained recent college graduates and high national unemployment rate pegged by the Labor Department at 8.9 percent for white-collar workers, American governments are using the federal H-1B foreigner-employment program to import foreign workers, shutting out unemployed Americans.
 By Wayne Lutton, Middle American News, April, 2003

A Visa Loophole as Big as a Mainframe
More companies are using L-1 visas to bring in low-wage foreign IT workers–and replace Americans.  By Brian Grow in Orlando, Fla., with Manjeet Kripalani in Bombay, BusinessWeek, March 10, 2003 – slightly different than the March 6 version

Outsourcing bill may drop India name
An amazing story where citizens of India successfully influenced the New Jersey state government, and prevented the passage of a bill that would have protected American citizens in the workplace.  It should be against the law for aliens to lobby and influence our government officials, but it is even more shameful that our government officials actually listened to these aliens, and allowed these aliens to influence OUR laws.  Our government exists to represent the interest of American citizens.  The rest of the world is NOT entitled to control our resources, jobs, and most especially our government.  If you are not outraged by this, then you are not paying attention!
 By K YATISH RAJAWAT, Times News Network, March 8, 2003

Data Reveals Severity of Tech’s Pain
Michael Rolle, a veteran of Oracle Corp. and Cisco Systems Inc. who trained at MIT and Stanford, started a new job this week: umpiring junior varsity high school softball for $20 a game
.  By Joseph Menn, LA Times, March 7, 2003

A Mainframe-Size Visa Loophole
More companies are using L-1 visas to bring in low-wage foreign IT workers–and replace Americans.  By Brian Grow in Orlando, Fla., with Manjeet Kripalani in Bombay, BusinessWeek, March 6, 2003 – slightly different than the March 10 version

India’s greatest Institutes of technical education are in decline
What can we do to help reform them?
  This amazing story combined with the amazing rebuttal by Norm Matloff (triggered by the pathetic 60 Minutes IIT story), demonstrates the outright  lying and manipulation of public opinion and the Congress of the United States.  Murthy’s incredible claims about the Indian education system on 60 Minutes were clearly intended for Congress and the American public.  See the real story as he tells it to Indians on  Rebuttal by Norm Matloff, Story by Narayana N R Murthy,, Feb 25, 2003

The New Face of Global Competition
It’s no surprise that Wipro chairman and managing director Azim H. Premji drives a Lincoln Town Car and is wealthy to the tune of $6 billion. His Bangalore programmers are paid $2 an hour to churn out code for American companies that are standing in line for his cheap services
 (Rob Sanchez).  Story By Keith H. Hammonds,, Feb, 2003

Former IEEE-USA president joins H-1B visa protest
A group of unemployed high-tech workers demonstrated against the U.S. government’s H-1B visa program on Wednesday (Feb. 12) outside a Dallas hotel where the IEEE-USA’s board was holding its quarterly meeting. A past president of IEEE-USA, an engineering association, was among the six demonstrators at the protest. 
By Margaret Quan EE Times, Feb 13, 2003

IEEE-USA asks for rollback of H-1B visa quotas
“Despite a grim job outlook for the U.S. high-tech work force, industry has petitioned, and government has granted 799,700 new or renewal H-1B visas in the past two years,” IEEE-USA said. “This includes 163,600 new visas in 2001 and 342,000 in exempt categories. And when FY ’02 ended, another 18,000 new H-1B applications were pending.” By Margaret Quan EE Times, Feb 9, 2003

The New Global Job Shift
The next round of globalization is sending upscale jobs offshore. The sense of resignation inside Bank of America (BAC ) is clear from the e-mail dispatch. “The handwriting is on the wall,” writes a veteran information-technology specialist who says he has been warned not to talk to the press. [...] last fall, his entire 15-engineer team was told their jobs “wouldn’t last through September.” In the past year, BofA has slashed 3,700 of its 25,000 tech and back-office jobs. An additional 1,000 will go by March.  By Pete Engardio, Aaron Bernstein, and Manjeet Kripalani With Frederik Balfour in Manila, Brian Grow in Atlanta, and Jay Greene in Seattle BusinessWeek, Feb 03, 2003

Perilous Currents in the Offshore Shift 
“We anticipate that you’ll see a disproportionate number of layoffs this year and next in info tech. The impact will be very severe,” says Diane Morella, a Gartner research director focusing on workforce issues. “And there’s very little discussion about what this means for the U.S. and Western Europe four or five years from now.”  By Pete Engardio, BusinessWeek, Feb 03, 2003

Big Outsourcing Shift Predicted for IT Jobs
A new report on the IT labor market predicts that 35% to 45% of full-time IT jobs in the U.S. and Canada will be shifted to contractors, consultants, offshore technicians or part-time workers by 2005. And some analysts and IT labor experts said those figures, although eye-popping, may not be far-fetched.
 By Thomas Hoffman, Computerworld, Jan 27, 2003

U.S. departing the First World?
America has turned its back on Americans. Even illegal aliens count higher with the American government than native-born, taxpaying, loyal U.S. citizens, who are regarded by their government as nothing but resources to be exploited.
 By Paul Craig Roberts, The Washington Times, Jan 23, 2003

L1s Slip Past H-1B Curbs
The latest figures released by the Immigration and Naturalization Service show that the number of L1 visas granted climbed from 112,124 in 1995 to 294,658 in 2000. But they still haven’t caught up to the H-1B numbers: In 1995, 117,574 H-1B visas were granted, compared with 355,605 in 2000.  To IT workers such as Emmons who say they feel they’re facing unfair competition from imported workers, statistics mean little. What matters is that they’ve lost their jobs, they’ve had to train their replacements and many of those replacements are here on L1 visas. By Lisa Vaas, eWeek, Jan 06, 2003

Workers Blast ITAA study claims
The skills shortage study was just an attempt to persuade Congress to raise the H-1B cap and flood the IT job market with lower-paid foreigners in order to drive down salaries. By Melissa Solomon, Computerworld, June 03, 2002

Visa plan lets state hire foreign workers
The state is hiring foreign technology workers at the expense of out-of-work domestic programmers by using a controversial visa program that has flooded the United States with computer specialists. Ted Wendling, Plain Dealer Bureau, June 02, 2002

DOD adjusts its plans on hiring foreign workers
Recall that a few months ago the DoD announced that it would not continue to assign foreign nationals to do defense programming. The plan was immediately attacked by the ITAA and other industry lobbyists. Once again, the lobbyists won. By Dawn Onley, Government Computer News, May 29, 2002

ITAA’s job stats doubted, questions raised about H-1B quotas
Outraged over the number of H1-B visas granted to foreign workers, many U.S. IT professionals allege a powerful lobbying group is manipulating lawmakers with bogus employment statistics that benefit the major-league players it represents, such as Microsoft and Sun. By Kate Evans-Correia, Senior News Editor, Search400, May 27, 2002

Tech industry report optimistic and other local executives blast the latest fabricated worker shortage lies from the ITAA By Jennifer Beauprez, Denver Post Business Writer May 21, 2002

The Big Secret
Computerworld editor blasts the latest fabricated worker shortage lies from the ITAA. “The industry and employers owe these [American] workers an answer.  There is a disconnect here that needs further explanation”. By Patricia Keefe, May 13, 2002

Fair Trade on Jobs?
Tom is now being required to help train a group of 30 Indian programmers. HR support is to be shipped offshore to two Indian companies, HCL Technologies America Inc. and Hexaware Technologies Inc. At the end of this month, once training is completed, Tom will join a total of 70 former Bank of America IT support staff who will have lost their jobs to offshore outsourcing.
 By Lisa Vaas, eWeek, May 13, 2002

Qwest’s overseas hires irk workers
“They want to dismantle it,” Kennedy said, and move the jobs offshore. “We’re going to get a complete picture of the destructive mess of Qwest’s downsizing. It’s nothing but an example of corporate greed, shattered lives, shattered communities.” By Jeff Smith, News Staff Writer May 11, 2002

Study: IT workforce down 5%
Computerworld reporter questions the latest fabricated worker shortage lies from the ITAA By Julia King, May 06, 2002

Q&A: Manpower’s CEO on paranoia and the Y2k hangover
As usual, whenever I see any corporate spokesperson become too sanctimonious about the H-1B program, I check Rob Sanchez’s H-1B database to find out how many that company is paying their H-1Bs. Sure enough, Manpower has employed at least one H-1B programmer at the princely wage of $19 per hour.
 By Don Tennant, Computerworld, May 09, 2002

Permit for exploitation
Employers say the H-1B program lets them recruit foreign workers for specialized jobs they can’t otherwise fill. Critics argue that the program is vulnerable to abuse by giving employers unfair leverage and keeping wages low. By KRIS HUNDLEY, Times Staff Writer St. Petersburg Times, April 29, 2002

Hard Times
More than 200,000, or up to 2%, of the country’s estimated 10.4 million IT workers are now jobless. By Julia King, Computerworld, April 29, 2002

Emotions Run Hot on H-1Bs
Unemployed IT workers and their allies say there’s no labor shortage. They claim that employers are just trying to cut IT costs and drive down wages by hiring foreign workers at lower pay rates. By Brian Sullivan, Computerworld, April 29, 2002

Picture Of Frustration
I’ve submitted resumes and companies say they’ve received 400 resumes. There’s just more IT people out there than there are jobs. By Julia King, Computerworld, April 29, 2002

Tech veterans squeezed out: Overseas hiring, ageism blamed
A flash point is the H-1B visa program under which U.S. companies received approval to hire 163,200 foreign workers during the year — a period during which U.S. high-tech companies announced more than 520,000 layoffs. By Barbara Rose, Chicago Tribune, March 14, 2002

Hiring of Foreign Workers Frustrates Job-Seekers
Washington Post Staff Writer Carrie Johnson, Feb 27, 2002

Not Wanted: ’02 Graduates Seeking Jobs
By Lynnley Browning, February 22, 2002, New York Times

H-1B visas jump in 2001
Demand for skilled foreign workers reached an all-time high in fiscal 2001–despite a recession and massive layoffs of American workers. By Rachel Konrad Staff Writer, CNET January 22, 2002.

Record demand for H-1B visas
Despite the onset of an economic recession and the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, demand by U.S. companies to hire skilled foreign workers — those using H-1B visas to work in the U.S. — reached its highest-ever level in 2001.  San Jose BizJournals, January 21, 2002

H-1B applications rise despite slow job market
Though layoffs are striking the technology sector unabated, corporate America is still going overseas to tap skilled workers. By Terry Costlow EETimes July 30, 2001.

Reader’s Digest Story Supports H-1B and Illegal Immigrants
Consider the source they say, but this story is full of mysterious immigration logic.  “How immigrants keep America rolling”.  Not sure if you noticed, but this is not your grandmother’s Reader’s Digest anymore. They seem to be primarily focused on regurgitating magazine articles than books these days.  This story gives you Reader’s Indigestion.

Grassroots effort wages Net war against H-1B increases
“We’re in a fight we don’t have a chance to win,” said Richard Tax, vice president of the American Engineering Association. “We’re going into this fight with slingshots and arrows. But I still can’t understand why a U.S. congressman would vote for something that is so much against American workers.” By Terry Costlow EETimes June 12, 2000.

Links To Academic Studies, Reports, Essays, Testimony, and Other Writings:

Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo’s Speech on H-1B
This is an excerpt of Tom Tancredo’s speech presented on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo on H-1B
The H-1B program is not necessary and actually is harmful to our nation’s interests. The sooner Congress scales it back, the better. February 2002.

Why H-1B Visas are Bad for America — Robert Locke
Selling Out America — The H-1B program is shrinking opportunities for American citizens, driving down their wages, and stunting the production of homegrown talent.

Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm
The desire of some sectors of the business community to gain easy access to cut-rate foreign labor leaves America dangerously vulnerable to the infiltration of foreign terrorists.

A Missed Opportunity
Pro-industry report defends “temporary” H-1B visa use, but fails to deal with the fact that it will be permanent.  This is an awesome read that brings much of the H-1B fiasco to light.

Piled Higher and Deeper
By Edwin S. Rubenstein: The alleged shortage of highly educated workers in the U.S. is a myth.  In fact, we’re suffering from a chronic surplus of PhD’s.

Professor of computer science Norman Matloff
An expanded version of his congressional testimony: Debunking the Myth of a Desperate Software Labor Shortage.

High-Tech Trogan Horse – H-1B Visas and the Computer Industry
By Norman Matloff – “the authors of these bills have secreted a Trojan horse, which would flood the labor pool with unlimited numbers of mediocre workers, instead of the “geniuses” they have promised.”

H-1B Temporary Workers: Estimating the Population
By B. Lindsay Lowell, Georgetown University.  This study has many statistics on the numbers of H-1Bs in the U.S. and where they come from.

The H-1B Visa Debate in Historical Perspective: The Evolution of U.S. Policy Toward Foreign-Born Workers
By Margaret L. Usdansky and Thomas J. Espenshade, Princeton University Working Paper No. 11, May 10, 2000. Paper on the history of U.S. legislation regarding employment-based immigration and the admission of foreign-born temporary workers.

Professor Clair Brown — UC Berkely
A study finding that evidence does not support industry claims of a high-tech labor shortage, and that American’s salary growth has been inhibited by the influx of foreign engineers.

Economist Dr. Robert Lerman
Testimony to a Senate hearing in 1998 stating that the data does not support the industry’s claims of a labor shortage.

“How and Why Government, Universities, and Industry Create Domestic Labor Shortages of Scientists and High-Tech Workers”
By Eric Weinstein is the classic paper on how the NSF created the “shortage of scientist and engineers” myth.

Congressional Testimony about Visa Fraud
From the House Judiciary Committee. 1999 Oversight Hearing on nonimmigrant visa fraud.

The American Worker Replacement Program
The United States of America does not belong to the rest of the world.  It belongs to the citizens of the United States of America.  However, our own government thinks and acts otherwise.  Our own government feels that it is perfectly fine to replace loyal and hard working American citizens with foreigners, even from countries we consider our enemies. By Richard Armstrong March 11, 2002

H-1B Myth: The Best and the Brightest
Many supporters of the H-1B program claim that H-1B workers are the best and brightest in the world.  H-1B supporters claim that H-1B workers are smarter, more educated, and better qualified for high-tech American jobs than Americans are.  This again, is a myth.  By Richard Armstrong March 18, 2002

The Worst Betrayal Imaginable
American citizens who need and want jobs are kept from those jobs because there are H-1B visa holders in the United States.  American citizens who have been loyal and productive employees to their companies have been shut out by foreign labor.  This is unconscionable. By Richard Armstrong March 25, 2002

H-1B: Flooding the Market and Stealing from America’s Workers
H-1B is a temporary immigration visa law enacted by congress and is the largest special-purpose employment program. H-1B allows a maximum 195,000 foreign professionals to enter the US each year (below you will see how even this number is meaningless).  Each foreign professional is permitted to stay in the US for up to six years, ostensibly to meet short-term, high-skill employment needs in the domestic labor market. By Richard Armstrong April 1, 2002

H-1B: American High Tech Workers = Unemployment
The outrageous slaughter of American high tech professionals continues at a pace that boggles the mind.  The imbalance of foreign tech workers imported to our country to replace qualified Americans under the guise of the H-1B visa program has reached epidemic levels.  By Richard Armstrong April 8, 2002

High Tech Careers: There Never was a Shortage 
Over one million American citizens have already been replaced with aliens on our own soil by the U.S. government sponsored American worker replacement program called H-1B.  It has been going on for years, and the damage is extensive and permanent. By Richard Armstrong  April 22, 2002

Washington We Have a Problem!
Unemployment Up, and H-1B Visas Continue. The April 2002 unemployment numbers have arrived.  Six percent of American citizens are now unemployed.  This is the highest level since 1994.  The April numbers show that 8.6 million American citizens are currently unemployed and looking for work.  They are soon to be joined by over one million new college graduates.  By Richard Armstrong  May 5, 2002

Is there really a nursing shortage?
The University of Colorado Hospital administrators admitted that their beds are not empty because there are not enough patients to fill them, but because they refuse to hire temporary nurses to fill gaps in the workforce.  By Richard Armstrong  May 12, 2002

Qwest Replaces American Citizens with Foreigners 
“They want to dismantle it,” Kennedy said, and move the jobs offshore. “We’re going to get a complete picture of the destructive mess of Qwest’s downsizing.  It’s nothing but an example of corporate greed, shattered lives, and shattered communities.”  May 11, 2002

Total Employment, Not Total Sacrifice 
This amazing speech was given in a small farm town in southern Illinois near Postville where Lincoln practiced. It was given in a small diner with about 10 people. At the end over 30 people were in the diner. By Paul Sand

America, If By The People
Congress refuses to solve the basic fundamental problem. Paul Sand, April 2002

Links To Websites Related to H-1B: 

American Jobs Coalition
A Coalition of groups has formed to stop the American Worker Replacement Programs of the H-1B and L-1 “work visas” and Corporate Off Shoring of American Jobs.  We have come together with agreement to the pursue critical goals.
American Labor First is a rapidly growing coalition of American citizens who are united in recognizing that a threat nearly as serious as terrorism has invaded our democracy.  This threat has cost hundreds of thousands their jobs, their homes, their education, their security, and their children’s future.

The American Workers Coalition
Organization actively participating in the protesting of the H-1B program and the unemployment issue facing the United States.

American Reformation Project
The mission of the American Reformation Project is to help facilitate the reformation of the American political system.  Their current focus is on eliminating American worker replacement programs.

The National Age Diversity in Employment Association, Inc. (NADEA)
NADEA is a non-profit advocacy association dedicated to supporting, promoting, and improving the employment rights of all people that have reached the age of 40.  We provide and share information on your Age Discrimination rights.”
Where have all the good jobs gone?
Learn how the H-1B technical visa program is costing American jobs and undercutting your wages.

H-1B Visa Sucks
Organization’s purpose is to inform each other about the issues dealing with H1B Visa Immigration Impacting the American Technical Workers.  Our intent is to share each others experiences with this issues and to explore options to improve this situation.  This means we want to hear the good, bad and ugly.

The American Cause
Organization founded by Patrick J. Buchanan, author of The Death of the West.  Their position is to “suspend the H-1B visa program under which 230,000 aliens enter the U.S. each year to the detriment of skilled American workers.”

Project USA
This site contains excellent information about general immigration issues.  They have placed billboards across the country.  This group offers an opportunity for direct action in shaping the public debate about immigration by bypassing traditional media.

Numbers USA
This important site allows you to send free faxes to congress and other officials about immigration issues.

This site contains an interesting collection of brilliant writings from distinguished authors who have become experts on immigration and H-1B.  You will find Peter Brimelow, author of Alien Nation on this site.

How To Buy American
If you want to be American and only buy American, you must visit this site.

Americans for Better Immigration
Great site for finding the H-1B voting records of our politicians.  If you want to see where your representatives stand on immigration issues, this is the place to go.  This is a non-partisan organization which lobbies Congress for reductions in immigration numbers.

American Patrol Report
This is a really great site for keeping current on the most recent news stories and events surrounding H-1B and other immigration issues.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform.  This website is a must-see for serious immigration research.

USA Border Alert
We need to stop amnesty and take back control of our borders. Its about homeland security, American’s jobs, high cost to legal citizens who’s taxes give so much to illegal immigrants. Impacts financial, social, environmental, criminal, health system, education and more. Racism is not tolerated.

Carrying Capacity Network
A national non-profit advocacy group working to secure the sustainable future of the United States. Here you’ll find articles by some of the best contemporary thinkers in the fields of population stabilization, national revitalization, economic sustainability and resource conservation.

Immigration Forum
A great source of information on such diverse topics as welfare use by immigrants and the role of immigrants in U.S. high-tech firms.  This is the personal outlet of Norman Matloff, a University of Cal-Davis professor of computer science.

Center for Immigration Studies
CIS publishes immigration studies and a quarterly newsletter, organizes conferences, and maintains an e-mail information distribution list of immigration policy issues.  The CIS website contains a database of employers cited by the INS for knowingly hiring illegal aliens.

Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS)
FACT: During the 1990′s U.S. population grew 13%, five times the 2.5% growth of all the other industrialized countries combined. Census Bureau demographers attributed these differences to lower fertility rates in other industrialized countries and substantial immigration into the United States.

Coalition for the Future American Worker
A resource site for information on the high-tech temporary worker visa (H-1B) issue.  The organization is a coalition opposing a proposed increase in visas, because it will decrease job opportunities for American citizens.

Affirmative Action for Immigrants
Explains how recent immigrants have gained access to America’s affirmative action programs.

Deport Aliens
A site exposing the failed bureaucracy of the Immigration Court system in the Department of Justice.

Washington Alliance of Tech Workers
A Voice for the Digital Workforce.  An organization of high-tech workers and allies joining together.

The Programmers Guild is a professional society specifically for computer programmers.  They are active in H-1B issues.

American Engineering Association
An organization for engineers that is concerned with immigration, unemployment, loss of our manufacturing base, and many other professional issues.

The Organization for the Rights of American Workers” is a grass-roots initiative demanding that U.S. jobs be  preserved  first and foremost for U.S. citizens.

Action America - “Uncommon insight into common issues” - Providing insightful conservative commentary and research on a variety of subjects and always from a unique perspective, along with hard to find research tools, quotes and political satire.

Immigration and Naturalization Service
The INS offers on this site, statistical information on the most recent year’s immigrants, press releases and background information.

The White House website
You can write to the President and Vice President on this site.

U.S. Senate website
You can find and write your Senators on this site.

U.S. House of Representatives website
You can find and write your Representative on this site.

Links to online petitions you might consider signing.  

Be sure to read these petitions carefully, and make sure you agree with them before signing them.  These petitions were not created by or associated with,and therefore we are not responsible for their content. provides these links for informational  purposes only.  We might or might not agree with all statements contained within the petition.  However, we would not list them here unless they were at least worth bringing to your attention.

Petition for a responsible immigration policy

Please write your elected officials and the news media about the H-1B fiasco.  The following links make this quite easy to do…

For a list of sample letters, click here… 

The White House website
You can write to the President and Vice President on this site.

U.S. Senate website
You can find and write your Senators on this site.

U.S. House of Representatives website
You can find and write your Representative on this site.

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