Common H-1B Myths

America’s best paying jobs should be held by American Citizens.

Congress sold our high-tech jobs to foreigners and industry lobbyists.  Companies continue to import foreigners at the same time they are laying-off Americans.

Be American… Hire American!
Replace H-1B Workers With Citizens!

Below is a list of common arguments used by supporters of H-1B workers and industry lobbyists.  Click on the argument to learn the true facts that show that the argument just plain wrong.  

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American Colleges and Universities are not creating enough High-tech graduates.

There is a shortage of American High-tech workers.

The H-1B fees paid by employers of H-1B’s are used to provide education programs that create more American High-tech workers.

H-1B workers are paid the same prevailing wage as American workers are.

The INS requires a company applying for an H-1B slot to state that it searched for and couldn’t find a qualified American worker for the job.

Companies hire H-1B workers only  when no American citizen is available.

H-1B workers are only temporary.

Hiring H-1B workers creates additional jobs for American workers.

Hiring H-1B workers strengthens America’s High-Tech infrastructure and High-Tech competitive edge over other countries.

Those against H-1B workers are bigots and racists.

H-1B workers are smarter, more educated, and better qualified for High-Tech American jobs than Americans are.

The INS ensures that H-1B workers go back home when their job ends.

American workers are not being displaced by H-1B workers.

Companies must layoff H-1B temporary workers before American citizens. Companies cannot hire an H-1B if they just laid off American workers that performed the same job.

The quota for H-1B workers was not reached, therefore, the program is working.

H-1B workers do not affect me, why should I care?

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  1. Buy American says:

    Great site guys, this is really useful information. If everyone supported American Workers, we wouldn’t have any more recessions.

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