Additional jobs are not created for American citizens

America’s best paying jobs should be held by American Citizens.

Congress sold our high-tech jobs to foreigners and industry lobbyists.  Companies continue to import foreigners at the same time they are laying-off Americans.

Be American… Hire American!
Replace H-1B Workers With Citizens!

Hiring H-1B workers creates additional jobs for American workers.

This is obviously a myth.  Companies who give jobs to foreigners take jobs away from Americans.  Since the underlying reason is to pay IT workers less, this takes money out of the economy.  Many H-1B’s send their earnings back home to help support their families and country.  It is expected of them by their home countries, and they are looked down upon if they do not send money back home.

We have more H-1B programmers here than any other time in history, but more Americans are out of work (especially in high-tech) than any other time in history.

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