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Amazing But True Facts about Hiring American Citizens

The following are amazing but true stories concerning non-immigrant visas and H-1B related issues. At least 4 million H-1B visas were certified by the INS between 1998-2001. Many H-1B workers are paid minimum wage as their official salary, and the rest of their salary is paid as “U.S. Living Expenses” that are non-taxable.(2003 Data) L-1 [...]

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American Worker Replacement Program Mainstream Media News (archived on this site) With rebuttal commentary as needed. Study notes offshoring downside U.S. companies that move jobs overseas to cut costs may not be saving as much money as their executives think. — March 4, 2004 Outsourcing: what to do? If you haven’t turned on a [...]

Sample Letters

Here are some sample letters you can use to create your own.  You can select the text below and copy/paste it into your favorite editor.  Modify your letter as necessary, and send it by using one of the links at the bottom of this page.  At this time, email is probably the best method.  The [...]

Common H-1B Myths

America’s best paying jobs should be held by American Citizens. Congress sold our high-tech jobs to foreigners and industry lobbyists.  Companies continue to import foreigners at the same time they are laying-off Americans. Be American… Hire American! Replace H-1B Workers With Citizens! Below is a list of common arguments used by supporters of H-1B workers [...]

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