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The H-1b training program is a sham

Myth: The H-1B fees paid by employers of H-1B’s are used to provide education programs that create more American High-tech workers. Truth: Those supporting H-1B often justify their position with this statement, and actually believe that these training programs help reduce America’s reliance on alien labor.  Congressmen who claim that they would normally be opposed [...]

Wages: H-1B workers are paid less than American Workers

Myth: H-1B workers are paid the same prevailing wage as American workers are. Truth: Congress hangs its hat on this myth as well.  Although the law was written with this stipulation, the loopholes are rampant, and the law is not enforced.  This is the underlying reason that companies love to hire H-1B programmers.  Cheaper labor  [...]

Why Care? Because replacing Americans in the workplace affects everyone

Myth: H-1B workers do not affect me, why should I care? Consider the following: A country that relies upon a program rampant with fraud and deception to exploit foreign sources of cheap labor for a critical infrastructure puts itself at great risk. Replacing our country’s home-grown talent with cheap foreign labor creates greater dependence upon [...]

Join Hire American Citizens! Protect your future and your children’s futures

Membership is for all American citizens who care about America.  All Americans are negatively impacted by American worker replacement programs.  No American job is safe from these programs, and no American (working or not) is safe from being negatively affected by these programs.  Professionals in High Technology fields such as Information Technology, Engineering, Healthcare, Education, [...]

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